What are you doing Google? What is this body of water you are showing in El Paso? It gets my hopes up for having a beach front property. Not really, but it is kind of funny to see this photo pop up and it does make me want to take a nice beach vacation. But I can't! Thanks COVID!

I've looked into what bay this actually is in the photo, but haven't been able to find anything. If you know, please, share with the rest of the class. I do have to say, it looks like a pretty damn nice beach. Which makes not being able to travel even worse. Although we have talked about moving the MoSho to Barbados because they're offering up 12 month visas because the tourism dollars aren't coming in.

  • $2,000 for an individual visa.
  • $3,000 for a family visa.
  • You live and work remotely for a year in Barbados.
  • You have to submit your paperwork electronically. The paperwork includes your passport and birth certificate.
  • Visitors will NOT have to pay Barbados Income Tax.

I think we could still make this work. We take the MoSho to Barbados and broadcast remotely for a year.

On a darker note, maybe this picture from Google is a prediction of the future and we will actually soon have El Paso Bay. Climate change hits us to the point the rest of the world is almost completely under water and El Paso becomes a glorious beach front city.


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