I recently found information about an ancient instrument that the ancient Aztecs used to use. It's called the Aztec Death Whistle and we know about it from pieces that have been found at Aztec archaeological sites and from ancient drawings that depict the death whistle being used.

To say it is a scary sound is an understatement. It sounds like a banshee being given a colonoscopy by Andre the Giant. The guy on the video explains that the Aztecs used the death whistle to psyche out their enemies during battle. If I were a conquistador and I heard a hundred of these going off I'm not ashamed to admit I would probably soil my codpiece right there on the battlefield.

I don't know if the Aztec Death Whistle has any practical use today but I would suggest that fans of San Diego State football should start bringing these to games. You guys are the Aztecs after all and if this sound could freak out a bunch of conquistadors it should really be able to do a number on the Fresno Bulldogs. Hell, the entire Mountain West conference might just forfeit so they don't have to face this aural onslaught.

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