On this week's After Buzz, we talk about Dungeons and Dragons. We are actually going to be playing some D&D this coming weekend with some winners.

We briefly talk about the checkpoints they have here in El Paso and how Buzz won't joking when he said there is no secret password to get through without question. It really just have to do with being white. I go through the list of all the cars I've own, and mention I'm thinking about creating a "Ban Hammer" song to the tune of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer."

Then we field a bunch of questions from the chat, which includes a question about if we collect anything. Which then leads to Scott telling a heart wrenching story about a football card he had as a kid, that got crumpled up and thrown away because someone told him "you don't want this one, it has a mistake on it."

And we also go down the path of me wearing the exact same thing every day, and whether or not I'll wear a different hoody, or change anything up. At all.

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