This band became very popular quick here in the sun city when they first performed at the KLAQ BBQ.  These guys were so humble and generous after they let a few fans try on their space helmets.

The name of the band Starset and their music videos are a dead giveaway that show their love for space. It's crazy how you meet people and you either become enemies in time or friends for life. These guys seem like they're going to be lifelong friends and band mates. The bands sound is described as "cinematic rock" and is from Columbus, Ohio. These guys made their very first debut after releasing "Carnivore" back in July 2013. As you already know they will be performing at our Downtown Street Festival June 23 on Friday. If you want more information on their return, you can visit the Downtown Street Festival site. Of course they will not go without playing their first hit "Carnivore" and their recently released "Monster" at Streetfest. Another song I can put my bet on that they will also play is "Halo" from their album Transmissions that was released in 2014.

Hopefully these guys return again with their space gear and show it off!


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