Today is the 20th anniversary of legendary Tejano sing Selena Quintanilla-Perez's murder. In her honor, check out this heavy metal version of her song "Amor Prohibido."

Selena Quintanilla-Perez touched so many people, not only Tejano music fans. So many Hispanic women adored Selena, and little girls wanted to be just like her. I remember growing up, not knowing a word of Spanish, but could sing every, single one of her songs. I grew my hair out long, and loved putting on my mom's red lipstick, imagining I could sing and dance just like the Latin songstress.

Her life and music lives on, everyday especially in Hispanic communities like El Paso. Even Mexican cover band Moderatto did a version of her popular song "Amor Prohibido." Selena's song peaked at Number 1 on the US Hot Latin Tracks chart and even nominated for a Grammy. You can check out Moderatto's video above, and see Selena's original version below.

Rest In Peace, Selena. We will never forget you or your legacy.

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