The 2020 NFL season starts Thursday evening and if it's anything like the rest of 2020, it should be interesting.

It's already a little weird with regard to crowds, players being "socially distant" when not piling on top of each other, fake crowd noise, etc, etc. 2020 has also seen new rules for off the field behavior as well but the NFL isn't locking its players down. They trust their guys to be safe and healthy on their own. (Although, according to, there are limits on some behavior including being in crowded places off the field.) Of course, they also trust them to avoid PED's, illegal drugs, DUI's, domestic violence and general stupidity. Historically, as we all know, that has been a little ... no pun intended ... hit and miss.

The strangest thing for me is going to be watching the New England Patriots without  Tom Brady who moved to the Tamp Bay Buccaneers. (Which I think may have in part caused the COVID - 19 pandemic, upsetting both Mother Nature and the very universe itself.) That, for me, will add more weirdness to the 2020 season than anything else. Short of a zillion to one 'Pat's-'Buc's Superbowl ... which could very well bring about the end of the world should it happen ... those two teams won't play each other so, for now, I'm ok with cheering for both.

Brace yourselves for a surely, crazy season folks. We're back in business Thursday night as the Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots play the Dolphins Sunday morning and the Buccaneers play the Saints Sunday afternoon so, my phone will be off pretty much all day. KLAQ will once again be bringing you the Dallas Cowboys games starting Sunday evening and we'll also be giving away some sweet "Homegate" packages. Cowboys fan or not, this prize is sick so, click here for more details.

See the entire 2020 schedule here and give your team some love in the comments!!

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