Don't panic, (it happens every year) but, the Rio Grande will soon be dry.

What little water IS in the Rio Grande dwindles down to nothing once the "faucet" up north gets turned off. The water flow to the El Paso area from Elephant Butte was stopped September 30th and won't resume until late winter or early spring of 2018.  There's still a trickle flowing but, that will stop by next week according to the Las Cruces Sun-News.

"after the dam at Caballo Reservoir is shut down, Las Crucens can expect to see the Rio Grande dry. Barring any large rain storms that create significant run-off, the riverbed will stay mostly dry until late next winter or early next spring, when farmers from Doña Ana County, El Paso and Mexico begin watering their crops for 2018. - LC Sun News

The Rio Grande, (around here anyway), isn't exactly a "mighty" river but, it's nice to see it full and looking ... sorta ... like a real river.  Just sand from now 'til Spring though.

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