The always entertaining and well-spoken shock rocker Marilyn Manson made his ‘That Metal Show’ debut last night (Dec. 10), dressed in all black, of course. Manson wasn’t even on stage for two minutes before he began speaking about, uh, “entertaining” two girls at once and reverse erectile dysfunction. He was also sipping a glass of absinthe; he has his own brand of the liquor, called “Mansinthe.” Never a dull or non-subversive moment with Marilyn Manson.

When host Don Jamieson asked what is the craziest sexual request he’s ever gotten, Manson said, matter-of-factly, “I don’t try and refrain from deviance. I’ve been clean and sober… for the last five minutes,” the singer said, as he encouraged the audience to clap when he said “clean and sober.”

Manson spoke about his rock star influences, saying, “It went from me liking Iron Maiden to me liking Judas Priest. The first crossover bands for me were Jane’s Addiction and the Cure.” He spoke about having the job at a record store in Florida, joking that “I got a lucrative job as a night manager and stole ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.’” He joked that he used to make the female employees smuggle the recorded contraband out in their underwear, a tradition he has continued throughout his rock ‘n’ roll career.

He said the he was an open mic poet and that “you get away with saying things differently” by doing that. He said their were three concepts within the ‘Antichrist Superstar’ album. Three? One unified concept is hard, but three? It’s next to impossible.

Manson hardly followed any sort of linear thinking with his responses, but he remained entertaining.

He also spoke about performing at an MTV awards show and accidentally hitting crooner Tony Bennett in the head with a water bottle. He has good aim, huh?

Manson will release his next album ‘Born Villain,’ and spoke about working with actor Shia LeBeouf on a teaser video. He invited LeBeouf to watch his favorite films, told him the concept and then the eventually rolled tape.

Saxon vocalist Biff Byford also appeared on the show, talking about the band’s new album ‘Call to Arms.’ He said the band still tries to achieve relevancy with each album it releases. He revealed that Lady Gaga is a Saxon fan and that he met her backstage at one of her shows and she knew all of the songs! You don’t just namecheck Saxon without knowing something about ‘Denim and Leather.’

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