Godsmack singer/guitarist (and solo artist) Sully Erna was the featured guest of this week’s episode of ‘That Metal Show,’ along with Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree.

Erna, a proud Bostonian, was wearing a Boston t-shirt (the city, not the band!) and spoke about the tricks that Godsmack have planned for 2012, as well as his solo project, Avalon.

He revealed that he actually started out in a different role, as a drummer. But he abandoned manning the kit all because of a photo. “I started playing when I was three-and-a-half years old. My bloodlines goes into the history of my family. [Aerosmith's] Joe Perry was my hero. That picture in the live bootleg record made me want to be a rock star,” he admitted.

Erna spoke about the genesis and impetus for his Avalon project, saying, “I had songs tucked away. As an artist constantly writing music, you stumble on melodies or riffs that are not right for your core band but don’t want to throw them away.” So he “recycled” them and reworked them into a solo project.

He also said that Godsmack are building for 2012. “We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve and plan to release stuff for a special kind of retail piece,” Erna revealed. He did not to give out any details on this special piece yet.

Jesse James Dupree, vocalist for Jackyl, showed up with broken bones that he sustained in a motorcycle accident and gifted the hosts with a chainsaw, since he is know for revving one up as part of the band’s shows. He also gifted the studio audience with a copy of the band’s new album!

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