Flaming meals or drinks are nothing new. For my birthday years ago I was served a Flaming Dr. Pepper, and was told by the bartender that they don't usually serve them because of the danger. But since it was my birthday, he'd make an exception. I then proceeded to light the bar on fire. So flames, while cool, not always the safest thing.

A woman in Cedar Park ordered the "Quesos Flameados" appetizer at a Mexican joint and it was a little more "flameados" than she expected. That woman is now suing the restaurant.

Back in May of this year, the waitress brought the appetizer out and proceeded to set it on fire, which is supposed to happen, as the appetizer is intended to "be served flaming at the table". What isn't supposed to happen, is the flame engulfing the woman's face, chest, neck, and arms.

The lawsuit claims that the waitress wasn't properly trained to be serving the dish, and that the restaurant's (Dos Salsas) manager, William Plata's "negligent actions" led directly to the burns of the patron. The lawsuit is seeking $1 million in damages.