A woman in Texas allegedly struck her common-law husband multiple times for not answering her when she asked him if she was pretty. She was arrested after. Many men will tell you not to lie to your significant other, but sometimes it's better to tell a small white lie than hurt her feelings. Another thing that should be avoided at all costs is not paying attention to her when she is talking to you. One man in Laredo, Texas learned this the hard way when he didn't hear his common-law wife's question she asked him at the movies.

According to LMT Online, the couple and their family were at the movies when the woman, 20-year-old Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, asked her husband if she looked pretty. Her husband told law enforcement he didn't hear the question, which upset his wife. The couple left the theater to avoid a public scene and got in their car to drive home. She began hitting him in the vehicle and the assault continued when the couple arrived at home. Law enforcement was called after another family member attempted to separate the two and was assaulted by Ramirez as well. Ramirez was arrested by police and she was charged with two counts of assault and family violence. It's not known if she ever found out if she looked pretty that night.

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