Thank you Texas Representatives ... THANK YOU!!

Texas lawmakers are considering a new bill, (HB 1992), which would ban telemarketers from using fake numbers when they call you. That is one of the most annoying things ever and it irritates the hell out of me when they do that. If this bill becomes law, they will have to stop. Yay! (Although, I do wonder exactly how the proposed new law would be enforced...)

Anyway, it's a start. The bill is being pushed through by state Rep. Ben Leman and will prohibit telemarketers from using a "third-party source" to make calls to the public and would force them to properly identify the calls origin. Leman said:

“House Bill 1992 aims to prevent telemarketers from using predatory and annoying tactics by prohibiting them from replicating numbers and misrepresenting the origin of the call,”  - El Paso Herald Post

Good for them ... I sooooo hope this one passes!


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