There are new fitness requirements in place from the Texas Department of Public Safety that will a limit of male officer's waistlines of 40 inches and women's waistlines of 35 inches.

However, this policy isn't going into place with a fight opposing it. Richard Jankovsky, president of the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers says:

Not all physically fit troopers are of the same body type, the same height or the same genetic makeup. The new standards have moved beyond testing for fitness needed to perform one’s duty as an officer into an appearance policy that has little bearing on an officer’s ability to keep Texans safe.

The lawsuit filed by the Texas' troopers union, claims that the policy is unlawful as it doesn't directly relate to how well someone can do their job, rather it has more to do with an officers appearance.

A judge is being asked by the union to put this policy on hold until the lawsuit can be settled.

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