The Texas Legislature will consider a measure to make "Rock, Paper, Scissors" the go-to for resolving traffic disputes. Specifically, the issue of whether or not you let someone merge may soon be decided by games of R,P,S.

The Texas Department of Transportation has already started testing the procedure in Houston. Here is video of a recent test run of the R.P.S. merge method:

If the plan proves successful, the Lone Star State may consider implementing other traffic dispute resolution techniques. Some already being talked about in the halls of Austin include:

Playing "flinchies" with your automobiles to determine who gets the last parking spot.

"What number am I thinking of?" will settle and 4 way stop stand-offs.

Finally, there is a proposal that the question of who's at fault in a car accident where there are no other witnesses will be decided only when one of the parties shouts out, "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR. I DECLARE A THUMB WAR!" and the other party responds, "FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT. TRY TO KEEP YOUR THUMB STRAIGHT!"

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