The entire restaurant and staff cheer the 17-year-old on as he demolishes the previous Whataburger record. Blake Reynolds of Farmersville, Texas has impressed the internet with his viral Tik Tok video showing him devour a ten patty Whataburger in less than 20 minutes. The minute-long clip has over 3 million views, 680,000 likes, and 5,000 comments.

The minute-long video starts out showing the impressive order of meat and cheese- totaling a surprisingly meager $21. From there, the teen begins chowing down on the big burger, while the packed restaurant looks on. One of his friends jokingly wipes food from his mouth as he continues working on the meal. As Reynolds gets closer to finishing the burger, you can see him begin to doubt if he will be able to finish the burger. The staff of the restaurant even walks over to give him words of encouragement and record his record attempt. Finally, he struggles with the last four patties and the crowd chants his name until he finally downs the last bite.

The manliest men I know would struggle would this endeavor but the young man perseveres in the end. The previous record was an impressive 7 patties that Reynolds passed by 3 patties. Thanks to the Tik Tok video, we can see the ordeal in all its glory, from the nervous moments of doubt, the excitement of the crowd and triumph on Blake's face as he finishes the last bite. I'm just wondering if anyone was making food while the eating contest was happening. The staff seemed pretty invested in Blake's attempt. Either way, we want to know if his name is kept by Whataburger and if there is a known record of the biggest burger eaten.

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