A lot of people are still riding that Avengers wave. Infinity War recently became the fastest movie to make $1 billion. Then, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn broke all our hearts when he revealed what Groot said at the end of the movie. Which brings us to our topic of the day.

As the school year is coming to an end, lots of students are anticipating that first day of summer vacation. Many students are just coasting by these final weeks so teachers don't expect much. But when a Wichita Falls high school teacher told his students to pick a Marvel character to "embody in a resume and cover letter", one student cleverly took initiative and chose Groot! Groot, the one character who only ever says three words; "I Am Groot." The teacher, named Jeffrey Scott Davis, posted it on Facebook and then it quickly picked up steam from there.

This genius kid is not wrong, I'm very certain that Groot would fill out a resume that way. But the main question was: what grade did the student get? Davis updated all of us and said the student received a 100 and a 95 on the two different assignments. He's also very much amazed at how viral his post went! If I had to pick a Marvel character for this assignment, I'd probably pick The Hulk and then just write "NO!" all over the place!