Lately, El Paso has been experiencing a few funnel clouds or dust devils as some like to call them. But it's funny how when kids see them, they freak out thinking the worst. Years ago my son didn't know any better when he saw his first dust devil in El Paso.

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He panicked thinking that El Paso was about to have a tornado. Luckily, for me, he knows better now and enjoys seeing dust devils now. Well, lately our weather has been causing some dust devils to appear around El Paso.

Clearly, El Paso being a desert city means we should be used to seeing dust devils appear from time to time. Last weekend Brandon Coates shared a story about a funnel cloud that was spotted in El Paso. The Texas Rescue Patrol shared some footage of the weather we had last weekend.

It sure did look intense enough to worry about the kind of weather we were facing that day. Texas Rescue Patrol captured a video that's 17 seconds long of what looks like a distant tornado about to touch the ground. Sure enough, as time passed it ended up being just a little funnel cloud trying to be a tornado.

But either way, seeing something like that can still cause worry. But the camera footage Texas Rescue Patrol shared of the weather was stunning to see. Not exactly sure of what area they were exactly located at where they spotted the funnel cloud. But if you do ever spot one be sure to admire it when you can since they're interesting to watch.

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