If you are a teacher or are thinking about becoming a teacher, you might want to pay attention to this because it could be great news for you. James Talarico, a State Representative from Williamson County believes teachers need higher pay. He filed a bill that would increase teacher's pay in Texas to $70,000 a year. He says:

If we’re going to attract the best and the brightest to teach the next generation of Texans we have got to have a salary that reflects the importance of this job.

It's common for teachers to have a second job these days because their pay is so low, and a good percentage of teachers leave the profession within 5 years to seek higher pay elsewhere. How to Talarico think we can pay these higher salaries for teachers?

We can do it with a combination of new federal funding that’s coming from the covid relief package.

Talarico is a former middle school teacher himself, so he has firsthand knowledge of a teacher's experience. There are a couple of things that could become legal that could help pay for a boost in salaries for teachers as well. Gambling and marijuana. These are two things that are gaining popularity across the United States. By legalizing them in the state of Texas (gambling is legal across the US now by the way), they could be taxed and pay for A LOT of things.

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