I feel like we all learned about STD's in health class, right? I mean, this is Texas, and sometimes health class is just taught by the reluctant football coach, but we all learned a thing or two I'm sure!

Well, this pastor in Texas must have not been paying attention in health class!

Reverend Ralph D West II, the assistant pastor at the Church Without Walls’s Elridge Campus in Houston, was ordered to pay $2.45m five years after he allegedly gave a woman herpes. After a three-day civil trial, the jury found him liable and now he has to pay up

This twisted love story begins where most love stories seem to being these days: Facebook.

Brett Jordan via Unsplash
Brett Jordan via Unsplash

The woman, who has remained unnamed, claimed she contracted the STD after having unprotected with the pastor in March of 2018 after meeting through Facebook.

 You can’t fix it, she’s got it for the rest of her life.

That's according to the woman's attorney, Shaun Murphy who spoke to Click2Houston.

Attorney's were able to prove that Pastor West was the one who gave her the herpes, and there are even emails and text records that prove he knew he had it! When the woman confronted him about the diagnosis, she asked him where it could have possibly come from, his response? It came from his son's mother. In the end, he now has to pay the $2.45 million.

If this were an "Am I the A-hole" situation I would say that everyone sucks here.

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