If you don't vote, you may want to consider the following: The people who DO vote don't necessarily represent you.

Not everybody votes -- that's part of American life. You have the right to vote, but you aren't forced to do it. So if not everyone votes -- do the people who actually vote really represent the entire population?

For example, if young people don't vote, but older people turn out in huge numbers on Election Day, do the votes of older people still represent everyone's desires?

According to Wallethub.com, they do not. At least in Texas.

The Lone Star state got ranked 40th in voter representation on the website's recent study. Overall, only 82% of Texans are really represented by voters. For reference, the No. 1 state in the nation, Virginia, has a 92% representation rate.

It gets worse if you look at age. Like I said earlier, older voters turn out in larger numbers than younger ones. In Texas, voters only represent 68% of the Texas population.

You don't HAVE to vote, sure. But if you don't, you cannot expect everyone else in America to represent your interests.

Register to vote here -- you have until Oct. 28, 2016 to get registered to vote in the November elections, which include the presidential race. You have until Oct. 11, 2016 to get registered for the October elections.

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