A Texas mom has been arrested after she left her children locked in a hot car to teach them a lesson. The children died in the vehicle.

A mother in Weatherford, Texas has been arrested for the death of her two children who she initially said locked themselves in the vehicle. The initial story she told investigators was that her two young children, ages 16 months and two years old, were playing and locked themselves in the vehicle on their own. After multiple interviews with investigators, they found out that the truth was far worse than that.

On May 26, Cynthia Randolph called the police after she says she realized couldn't hear her children playing and after searching for thirty minutes,  found her two young children locked in her car. The temperature that day reached 96 degrees. She said she broke the back window of the vehicle to get the children out and called the police. Randolph revised her statement to the police, saying that she actually found the kids playing in the car and tried to get them to get out. When they didn't, she says she shut the door of the car to teach the two young children a lesson. The mother said that she thought the two year-old could figure out how to open the car door and would whenever they were done playing. She then went into the house, smoked some weed and fell asleep. When she woke up two or three hours later, she found both her children dead. She then broke the back window of her vehicle to make it look like an accident.

According to the Dallas News, during the course of the investigation Randolph began changing her story in different interviews, which led them to believe that there was more to the story than what Randolph initially told them. She was charged last week with two felony counts of first-degree injury to a child causing bodily injury.

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