These last two days, we have gotten many calls on the Morning Show with suggestions on how to handle and prevent school shootings.

Suggestions ranged from beefing up armed security at schools, arming the teachers to having less doors in schools (thanks, Ted Cruz).

For the most part, the sane ones usually were the ones that suggested having armed security- especially if that armed security is a veteran. Which, I have to admit, doesn't sound all that bad. Having an armed veteran protecting school grounds doesn't sound so outlandish to me; they would know how to operate a weapon and how to go about in a dangerous situation.

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I know for many, having armed security at an elementary school sounds insane, but these are the times we live in and protecting children should be a number one priority. Which is why when this picture came up on my news feed, I have to say that I was a little proud.

Over on Facebook, Stephanie Pritchett shared a post that highlighted a man standing outside Saegert Elementary school in Killeen. It sounds suspicious but it's actually pretty awesome. Check it out below:

Because it seemed a little suspicious to others, someone went ahead and called the school to which Pritchett says everyone found out:

He volunteered to stand watch over the school.

The comments, of course, were full of praise for the man.

This world needs more people like him.

And I can't say I disagree.

If this man took it upon himself to volunteer, then I commend him, he's doing more to protect children than others are.

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