Whataburger. A sacred Texas institution. Who doesn't love late night visits to Whataburger, the Spicy Ketchup, the Patty Melt or my personal favorite the number one with bacon, cheese and Jalapeno? We take our Whataburger very seriously. But we are also thieves! We can all admit it, I won't tell on you, we've all stolen the Whataburger table tent at least once in our lives! Well, the one I have was not so much stolen as it was left behind, the guy forgot to take it with him so... I took it! I once dated a guy who had so many of them they just kind of chilled on the floor of his car.

Now that we can all admit we've done it, have any of us actually thought about taking them back? Well one guy did. Joseph Mora of San Antonio decided one day it was time to return over 150 table tents back to their rightful owner, the Whataburger in La Vernia, Texas.

It certainly was the end of an era for Mora, who told the San Antonio Express News that he did it in the name of love. Mora was due to get married the following week and said:

 “It was time to get my life straight before I get married... I figured it would be better if I just turned them in, it would be justice to take them back from where I got them from." 

Gentleman, take note