Ok, we have all fibbed a little to grab a cold one with buddies or, to stay out a tad longer with them. This is a little much though...

An Austin man found out the hard way that faking a kidnapping is frowned upon by the Texas judicial system. It happened back in 2013 and I couldn't find any more recent examples of other stories like this so, I guess the hen-pecked husbands of Texas have learned their lesson. According to dallasnews.com:

The 34-year-old was at his home in Edinburg with his wife on Oct. 4, 2013, when two masked men with guns forced their way in around 10:30 p.m. and grabbed Andavere

His wife, Maria Hernandez, immediately called authorities and was "petrified" after having witnessed what she thought was the abduction of her husband, police said. - dallasnews.com

I have never had to lie to anyone about going out with the boys although I have "muddied up the water" a little bit to dodge work on a few occasions. The only harm there was causing the boss to scramble around trying to find someone to cover me. This guy put his wife through hell, caused her to have to stay with the cops for hours and hours, and tied up police helicopters and at least a dozen or so Texas Department of Public Safety officers. Did he have fun? I guess so, he wasn't "released" by his kidnappers until two days later.

Fellas, come on now, really. My car broke down, visiting a sick friend, working late; there are a million ways to slip out for a while without getting yourself arrested and locked up, fined, or otherwise. Not to mention losing half your stuff in the divorce and, (in this guys case anyway, I suspect), getting your ass kicked by your honey bunny.

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