A Texan has been arrested for hitting the famed New York statue with a banjo and yelling "F*ck Trump."

A man from Texas has been arrested after a strange incident involving a banjo and New York's famed charging bull statue. According to the ABC News, around 12:30 pm on Saturday Tevon Varlack from Dallas began his bull beating assault. The 42-year-old was seen bashing one of the bull's horns with a banjo while shouting "F*ck Trump!" to a growing crowd of confused spectators. Photos and videos from the scene show him using a silver banjo as his weapon of choice.

 Bystanders called the police who attempted to question Varlack was uncooperative and was arrested. Photos after the attack show that the bull's left horn was damaged by the banjo. Tevon Varlack has been charged with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon, according to the Daily Mail. After being released, Varlack was asked by the New York Daily News what his thoughts were on the president and he simply said: "he's cool."

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