State Rep. Richard Peña Raymond is fighting for your right to party... on Sundays. A new bill introduced by Raymond of Laredo called HB 1100  would allow state liquor stores to open everyday of the week between 9 A.M. and 10 P.M. and that would include opening on SUNDAYS from noon to 10 P.M. If passed, this could be the end of the states long lasting "Blue Laws."

As a Texan, born and raised, I'm very familiar with our state's alcohol laws. We all know that on Saturdays if we want to buy beer or in my case, my Smirnoff Ice, we have until 1 A.M. to do so. We also know that if we want to buy any type of liquor we HAVE to go to a liquor store (it always amazes me when I'm in a different state and I see the vodka right there at a Walmart!). Many states have repealed these blue laws, which were enacted to prohibit the sale of certain items so that the day could be spent instead at church and resting, but in Texas, although we can purchase alcohol in convenience and grocery stores, liquor stores remain closed on Sundays, so, no tequila for you sir.

In a news release about the bill Raymond said:

“Allowing Sunday sales in Texas is long overdue. I’ve heard from many constituents — including small business owners — who have asked me to file this bill to let the free market be free. Now is the time for Texas to repeal this outdated law.”

Right now, 42 states allow the sale of liquor on Sundays. If you ask me, I don't need liquor stores open on Sundays, what I would want is for liquor and alcohol to still be sold at 3 A.M. it would really help when I'm leaving a quince and I want to continue the party at home.

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