Texas, for the most part, is landlocked but the coastline along the Gulf of Mexico has miles of beaches and a bunch of islands. Yes, islandS ... plural.

The lone star state offers just about every type of environment there is. We have deserts and forests, hot and cold, flat and mountainous, green and lush, swampy and oceanic. Yep, we have an ocean too.

Not only do we have an ocean but the water is warm. We're talking bath water temp at the cooler end of the spectrum ... take that Caly.

Along with lots of lakes, ponds and even a swampy area or two, we have miles of beaches ... one of the longest beaches in the world is in Texas ... and we also have genuine islands.

Galveston, about 50 miles from Houston, probably springs to mind for most. When my family lived in Houston, we used to go there a lot. Really cool place but visit soon because, apparently, Galveston is sinking.

Zillions of peeps visit every year and rattlesnakes kinda like the beach too so, while you're strolling along enjoying the sunset or the breeze or whatever; watch your step and don't grab anything that's "buzzing".

Galveston isn't the only island Texas can claim though, we actually have a bunch. Believe it or not, Texas has over 50 islands in all, and these 7 are unique in that they are "barrier islands".

What Is A Barrier Island?

One of them, Padre Island, is not only the biggest of the Texas islands, it's also the longest "barrier island" in the world. Stretching 113 miles in length it's not only the biggest barrier island and the biggest Texas island, South Padre Island is also one of the hottest spring break spots ever.

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