Could we see bars in the Lone Star State reopening soon? Judging by a tweet from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, it could be happening soon. While the world is trying to navigate how to continue normal life while still being in the middle of a pandemic, COVID cases have been going up and down.

Some areas like the east and west coasts along with European countries saw COVID cases surge back in the beginning of the year, which led to strict lockdowns in those areas. When those cases began to decrease, we began seeing cases in other areas of the country start increasing, like Texas.

On the worst St. Patty's Day in recent memory, bars were shut down due to the scary uncertainty of the novel coronavirus. Then after weeks of being shut down, Governor Abbott allowed bars to reopen at the end of May to the entire state's excitement.

People flocked to restaurants and bars to regain some sort of normalcy when everything clearly wasn't and no one was surprised when the case numbers started shooting up again. Due to the surge in COVID cases here and around Texas, bars closed again on June 26th after the state's positivity rate went passed 10%, which the governor said would be a trigger to more restrictions.

Since then, bars have gotten creative to make money and stay open while they were being told to close. They added to-go alcohol and food, and many applied to become restaurants so they could reopen and serve food along with alcohol. Now, it looks like all the places that stayed closed are finally about to have their chance to open their doors as well.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted this message out yesterday, which many are taking as a message that bars will be opening again in Texas:

Fingers crossed they'll be opening soon for all of you out there who miss throwing it back at the bar down the street. Trust me, they miss you too.

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