If you search for state parks in Texas, there's no shortage of them no matter where you are in the state (North, West, South or East). According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife website, there are currently 89 national state parks for you to visit. However that number will be come 95 as there will 6 NEW parks opening up in Texas.

Beautiful Fall Foliage Surrounding the Clear Frio River, Texas.
Richard McMillin

When we will see these new state parks in Texas?

Well a state park doesn't just become one overnight; it takes some time. According to the TPWD, thanks to the funding they've received with the passing of Proposition 5 (the law allowing low income families to receive assistance with acquiring property & building land), Texas will get these new parks over the next 12-15 years (So roughly between 2035-2038 will be the estimated time for when we can see these parks be official). But

Hamilton pool state park near Austin, Texas
Vlad Turchenko

Where will the new parks be located?

The 6 new official state parks Texas will see over the next decade are:

Richard McMillin
Richard McMillin

I know it'll be some time before these parks will be official but here's to hoping for more state parks in Texas; mainly so we can say we officially have 100 parks in the state.

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