A gas war has dropped gas prices in one small Texas town to $1.29 a gallon, 92 cents below the current national average.

According to My San Antonio, a battle between two gas stations in Stephenville — a town about 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth — caused gas prices to drop to $1.29 a gallon on Monday.

The battle, between the Allsups Alon station on W. Washington Street, and the HEB station on Washington Street has caused the prices at the four other gas stations in town to also fall — with those stations selling a gallon of regular for less than $1.48, which is significantly cheaper than the national $2.21 average.

Alon station manager Suzy Martin told My San Antonio that the quickly dropping prices are due to a "gas war" and "competitive prices."

Martin said the station has doubled its fuel sales in the past three days and that prices will continue to drop if they need to.



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