Being stuck in a traffic jam sucks. I'm sure you've had thoughts of just flying over the other cars to bypass everything. The thought of building & having flying cars has been tried & tried again with little success. However 2023 saw a huge breakthrough as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) granted certification for the ALEF flying car which means... Texas could very well see flying cars in the future. And if we do, that could be HUGE news.

What's the ALEF flying car?

If you haven't seen what the ALEF car looks like, it was built by a California company in attempts to build the first real flying car. You can see what it looks like down below from Inside Edition.

Texas HAS tried to built flying cars before

If states before, we've seen numerous attempts in the past to create the first working flying car, many have been getting some various levels of success

If Texas DOES get flying cars, traveling in the state will be so much easier.

Anyone who's driven through Texas knows it can take a LONG time driving through the state. From El Paso in the far West all the way to Texarkana in the far East, it can take over 12 hours to get through the whole state; longer when you take in considering how many times you'll have to stop for gas or food.


If we have flying cars, it's certainly possible that the commute time of driving through the state of Texas might cut down significantly (depending on how fast a flying car can go).

We certainly wouldn't have to worry about traffic jams as much anymore either. Traffic too congested? Time to fly baby! (Just watch out for other flyers in the air...)

Woman driving car

I will say though... if more people start using flying cars to get around, just be warned... Texas ranks at #1 of having the worst drivers in the country. I think you'd have to extra caution if you're going to be FLYING instead of driving.

Of course all of this is speculation. We don't know exactly when Texas will get its first flying car; but with the developments that the US has gotten over the summer, it might not be too long before we will finally see our first flying car emerge in Texas.

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