What Texas kid ... or any kid for that matter ... didn't, at some point, want to be a firefighter?

I decided I wanted to be a firefighter myself at one point but, along came guitars and girls and, well, there went that plan. .

In hindsight, I think I'd have actually pulled more babes as a firefighter.

If you weren't badass enough to make the cut, or if you did and just want to bring a bit of the profession home with you, you can buy your very own fire truck.

There are a ton of fire trucks for sale all over Texas and, honestly, some of these trucks ... "apparatus" in firefighter jargon ... are fairly inexpensive.

Fentonfire.com is one site where you can shop if you're in the market for a fire truck, err, apparatus. There are lots of sites like that one ... this one and this one for example..

They have fire engines and pumpers up for grabs, as well as tankers along with ladder trucks and Quints.

If you don't know what a "quint" is, (don't feel bad, I didn't either), click that last link.

Seriously, chicks dig that whole "risk your life saving others/man in uniform/big dude-big truck thing. Guys too, just flip - flop the genders and you have the same scenario.

All joking aside ...

Male or female is irrelevant and while this article is light heartedly written, it has heavy undertones. .

You look at ANY firefighter and you're looking at a genuine American Badass. A hero as that whole "they rush in while others rush out" thing is no joke.

Nothing but love and respect for these brave men and women.

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