On the rocks or blended, Margaritas are the perfect drink- especially when paired with some chips and salsa! So, it should come as no surprise that during the pandemic, Margaritas were a staple in many a Texan's home.

The past year has really been rough on so many, so a lot of people turned to different things; some downloaded TikTok, some began making banana bread and others turned to their favorite alcoholic beverage. Upgrade Points used Google Trends data from March 2020 to March 2021 to find out what was the most popular cocktail in each state.

The Mimosa was the most popular cocktail in the greatest number of states, six, including Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee. That was followed by the Pina Colada, wine cooler, White Russian, Mojito and finally, the Margarita which was popular in three states- including Texas.

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Upgraded Points also point out that "cocktail recipes" searches doubled in March 2020- no surprise there- I know I, myself have tried (and failed) to find the perfect Blue Hawaiian recipe. They also pointed out the most searched for cocktail in the winter months and the Margarita was the most popular in both warm and winter months.

It comes as no surprise that the margarita was the most popular cocktail in Texas- we are quite fond of them, especially here in El Paso- our El Paso Chihuahuas even changed their name and uniform to the Margaritas! With a simple recipe and a refreshing taste, margaritas are the perfect, fun cocktail for any occasion, pandemic or not.

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