Happy Cinco de Mayo! While it technically means nothing in Mexico, it is a great excuse to whip up some tacos (or, Mole as we learned that is the traditional dish of Cinco de Mayo) and some margaritas!

I love a good margarita. Whether it's blended or on the rocks (I actually prefer on the rocks, but I won't turn down a blended margarita!) Margaritas are my go-to drink preference when I go to a new place, I feel I can judge a place based on their margaritas! I especially love how versatile margaritas can be. They can be different flavors (currently, my favorite is a coconut-pineapple margarita), you can add different garnishes- really, it's amazing how creative people can get with margaritas.

National Margarita day is actually in February, which is weird because it's kind of cold in February and Margaritas are best enjoyed in warmer weather. Whatever, let's just pretend that today is national Margarita day and enjoys some margs!

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I'm sure by now, you have your favorite place to go to when you want to enjoy a strong and ice cold margarita, but if you want to venture out and try someplace new, I got you!

I checked out Yelp, which I feel is totally underrated, to help with a list of your next Margarita adventure. Yelp does tend to shift every now and then depending on the reviews, but as of today, Cinco de Mayo 2021, these are the top ten places in El Paso to get your Margarita fix!


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