'Tis the season for sweet and tasty treats! The holidays are here which, for many, means pie, cookies, cake, and hot cocoa! All the sugary, mouthwatering, appetizing treats for the holidays are certainly a test of willpower; especially when promotional deals like "buy one dozen of donuts and get one for one dollar" are too good a deal to pass up!

Look, it's the holidays, no one would judge you- just saying.

Despite the fact that a lot of folks aren’t thrilled at the fact they won’t be seeing their families at the holidays this year, many are still looking forward to all the treats that usually come with a traditional holiday gathering- with many trying to make their favorite treats themselves for the first time!

As the years have progressed, certain classics have gotten modern upgrades- like gingerbread cookies turned into cheesecakes.

Now we know exactly what each state's favorite Christmas treat is.

While gingerbread cookie cheesecake sounds absolutely delectable, it isn't exactly Texas' favorite. According to Zippia, who used Google Trends to determine the most popular Christmas treats in each state- Texas' most popular treat isn't fruitcake!

Apparently, the most popular Christmas treat in Texas is... peppermint chocolate chip cookies; which I didn't even know were a thing but they definitely sounds interesting enough for me to want to try them!

As for the other states, it looks like California is the only other state that also likes peppermint chocolate chip cookies. Our friends in New Mexico love cheesecake (which is actually my favorite!) as do our friends in Oklahoma!

20 states all together preferred cake and ten states stuck to regular Christmas cookies. Check out the map below to see all the other popular treats! Happy holidays!

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