Imagine walking outside your house at night, and hearing the sounds of dozens of snakes slithering outside your door. 

Thats the reality for one Weatherford, Texas family everyday. Vicki Barnett and her family have been living in their home for two years and have been dealing with the slithery problem ever since they moved in. Barnett told NBC that her family killed 30 venomous copperhead snakes last weekend and more this week. The snake are more active at night, and she has to walk around at night with a rifle in case she comes across one. Randall Kennedy of the Fort Worth Wildlife said that once the snakes come into an area, they easily take over. The Barnetts believe that there are hundreds of snakes that roam their property at night. Copperheads are nocturnal and hide well during the day. At night, they roam free, which is why the family see so many in the evening.

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