According to police, a Texas man bit off part of a police sergeant's ear during a struggle while he was being arrested for DWI. A Denton, Texas police sergeant is recovering after having part of his ear bitten off during a struggle with a DWI suspect. On Friday night around 11 pm, a Denton police sergeant pulled over 45-year-old Christopher Rogers for driving erratically. According to the police statement obtained by Fox 4 News, Rogers refused to exit his vehicle after being asked by the officer several times. The officer called for backup and they police attempted to remover Rogers from his vehicle. That's when Roger's punched an officer in the face and struggled with police. Officers were trying to restrain the suspect on the ground when he began attempting to bite the officers arresting him. Here's what Denton Police officer Bryan Cose had to say about the struggle:

"When they tried to get him out of the vehicle, [officers] met resistance. The driver of the vehicle punched one of the officers in the face. They were able to get him out, and onto the ground. At some point in that struggle, the suspect actually was able to get on top of the sergeant and bit off part of the top of the sergeant's ear."

The officer who was injured, Sergeant Michael Rose, had injuries to his as well as an inch of his ear bitten off. The officers were unable to salvage the missing piece of the ear to reattach it and a stun gun was used to subdue Rogers. He was then transported to the hospital but on the way reportedly kicked at the EMTs in the ambulance while en route to the hospital. The suspect was released from the hospital and is now being held at the Denton jail to face charges related to his arrest. The officer will head back to duty after he heals.

Denton Police Department
Denton Police Department

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