No one in the state of Texas can claim they're the best driver except for one gentleman, Danny Guerrero. Now, I know Mr. Guerrero must feel accomplished for his perfect driving record. Which not a lot of people know what that feels like.

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I mean just look at some of the crazy accidents you see posted on The Real Fit Fam El Paso. Other times when you're driving around El Paso you come across someone who got pulled over. But if you haven't gotten into an accident or a ticket since the first day you started driving, props to you.

An H-E-B driver is being recognized for his perfect driving skills. Danny Guerrero has been a driver for H-E-B for quite some time now. Danny Guerrero accomplished a huge milestone that not a lot of us can.

Can you believe this Texas driver has driven 4 million miles without getting a ticket or being in an accident? Well, despite it being hard to believe it is true. Dany Guerrero has been with H-E-B for 41 years now and started when he was 21 years old.

Constantly being on the road he said two things have helped him continue his safe journey. Danny Guerrero mentioned chewing gum and listening to the radio has been a great help while on the road. H-E-B honored the ever so careful driver for his safe driving record.

So for anyone who has ever needed actual proof that good Texas drivers exist, here you go. Also, Danny Guerrero doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon so we can expect him to continue his safe driving record. Check out how they honored the safest driver that KSAT 12 shared on YouTube below.

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