While you may enjoy getting packages, some deliveries are more difficult than others for your delivery guy. Let's take a look at this poor guy's rough day. Summers in Texas are hot. Seriously hot. And Texans just deal with the heat and humidity the best that they can by swimming in the pool, eating all the ice cream and cold treats you can, plus staying inside enjoying the air conditioning. Unfortunately if you work outside, there's little you can do to deal with the heat. One of the toughest jobs to do during the summer heatwaves is a delivery driver. There are moments inside the truck where you can enjoy the a/c but you still have to carry the boxes to houses and drop them off.

One delivery driver in Texas had a massive parcel he had to drop off at someone's home and it ended up being more than he bargained for. Brandon Klein of Keller, Texas got the humorous moment on his home's Ring video system of the delivery man dropping off a large box on his front porch. The delivery man is seen at first carrying the box, then having to shift the large parcel side to side as he brings it up the walkway. He finally is able to get the package up the small stairs to the door step and leaves it with a leaving comment to the package. Check out the hilarious video above.

Mike Watson

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