Generally when you collect unemployment, you have to prove you're looking for work. Send out resumes, fill out applications. Just prove you're looking. With the COVID-19 pandemic altering much of our lives as we know it, this is another part that has changed.

When the pandemic first hit and millions of Americans started losing their jobs, the job search requirement was waived. There just wasn't that many jobs out there to be looking, so the search would be fleeting. That job search requirement was set to go back into effect on Monday, July 6th. The Texas Workforce Commission decided today (Tuesday, June 30th) to postpone that order and not requiring prove of a job search.

Work search requirements have been paused. We will continue to monitor the situation [and] come back to the commission in late July with recommendations regarding reinstatement.

When the job search requirement comes back, out-of-work Texans will need to prove there has been at least three work-search activities they've been engaged in, and self-employed Texans would need to be able to prove they have taken at least three steps to move forward with opening their business.

So breathe easy out-of-work Texans. You have some time for now. I know some people who are out of work that were stressing out about this because there just weren't any jobs available to even apply for. It looks like, at least for the time being, the powers-at-be here in Texas are, sort of, understanding the situation we're in.

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