The good news is, this District Attorney is trying to change things. The bad news is, he's about 700 miles from El Paso.

The District Attorney for Nueces County, Texas, is making a stand regarding marijuana laws in and around Corpus Christi. His name is Mark Gonzalez and he's got a ton of changes in mind, one of which involves the prosecution of misdemeanor pot charges.

He won't do it.

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The new DA has refused to prosecute any misdemeanor marijuana offenses. Instead, offenders can get their case dismissed if they pay a $250 fine and take a drug class within 30 days. The policy has kept people with minor crimes from filling up jails but has made the county money, too: In the first four months, it has pulled in $320,000, wiping out a $3,000 deficit in the office’s pretrial diversion program.

It's not perfect but, it' s a start. A small step toward a bigger revision of the law and marijuana's status as a controlled substance!