A Texas couple is being criticized online for having a hippo at the zoo assist them with their gender reveal. It seems like couples are getting more and more extravagant when it comes to their baby gender reveal ideas. A couple in Texas decided to take their gender reveal idea to the zoo. Bridgette and Jonathan Joseph are expecting a baby and went to the Capitol of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek for their gender reveal. The couple enlisted the assistance of Tank the hippo and a watermelon filled with Jell-O in the color of the sex of the baby. Jonathan threw the watermelon into the wide-open mouth of the hippo and Tank did his part by chomping down and revealing blue Jell-O on the inside.

While the couple was ecstatic with the results, the internet didn't approve of them using Tank for their gender reveal. People on Twitter commented saying it was the "worst gender reveal," and another saying that it wasn't "important enough to feed a hippo food coloring," according to Insider Edition. While there are those online who criticized feeding the hippo food coloring, the director of the Capitol of Texas Zoo Michael Hicks told KVUE News the hippo enjoyed the snack.

"Here's the Jell-O here that some people were so worried about us feeding this hippo ... Now trust me, we are not the only zoo in the country that feeds Jell-O to its animals, this is a very common thing ...There are dozens of zoos if not hundreds that give Jell-O. I didn't come up with Jell-O, I've worked at three major zoos before this one."

So feel free to keep giving Tank the hippo watermelon snacks, as long as you get the zoo's permission.

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