A Dumas couple took their gender reveal party to new heights and has wowed the internet. We all know that the relatively new tradition of gender reveal parties have become more over-the-top as time has gone by. They started simple, cutting into a cake to reveal a blue or pink inside or releasing balloons into the air, but the parties have gotten out of control. There's been the wild guns shooting videos and even a bad fireworks-gone-wrong recently, but one Texas couple came up with their own idea. Brad and Rachel Reed have two children, one boy and one girl, and are expecting another bundle of joy. For their gender reveal party, they decided to surprise their family for the gender reveal party using something they're very familiar with- airplanes. The couple had a family friend who already knew the gender of their child and with the help of their coworkers, a small plane took the the sky to let them all know. Pink-colored water was prayed from the plane letting the elated family know that they are expecting another beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to the family!

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