When you think of patriotic states, Texas probably comes to mind. WalletHub recently put together a list, ranking all the states according to patriotism. Here is how all the states ranked.

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Wyoming
  3. Idaho
  4. Alaska
  5. Maryland
  6. Utah
  7. North Dakota
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Minnesota
  10. South Carolina
  11. Missouri
  12. Montana
  13. Virginia
  14. Ohio
  15. Maine
  16. Nevada
  17. Oregon
  18. Arizona
  19. Indiana
  20. Arkansas
  21. North Carolina
  22. Vermont
  23. Colorado
  24. Louisiana
  25. Alabama
  26. Washington
  27. Kentucky
  28. Nebraska
  29. Iowa
  30. Tennessee
  31. Delaware
  32. Massachusetts
  33. South Dakota
  34. Mississippi
  35. Kansas
  36. Oklahoma
  37. Pennsylvania
  38. Hawaii
  39. Georgia
  40. Rhode Island
  41. Illinois
  42. Michigan
  43. Connecticut
  44. New Mexico
  45. Florida
  46. West Virginia
  47. Texas
  48. California
  49. New York
  50. New Jersey

So, now for the big question. What are the categories that put Texas so low on this list? Well, there's really only one that Texas came in at the bottom.

  • Lowest percent of adults who voted in 2016 Presidential election. - Texas #46

There was also one category that Texas ranked pretty high in.

  • Highest average number of military enlistees. - Texas #4

CLICK HERE to head on over to WalletHub to get the full breakdown on everything they used to create this list. You can also get answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the characteristics of a good patriot?
  2. What are the best ways for an individual to show patriotism during these trying times?
  3. What is the relative influence of economic incentives versus patriotic intentions when deciding whether to join the military? Has this changed over time?
  4. Is there a link between socio-economic class and level of patriotism?
  5. When evaluating the most patriotic states in America, what are the top five indicators?
  6. Has there been a shift in the way younger generations perceive and express their patriotism?
  7. Should we be raising our children as global citizens first or as Americans first?
  8. What measures should schools and local authorities undertake in order to promote patriotism among citizens?



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