Dallas based comedian Sri Raj took a trip to Paris, France and let's just say he was not impressed!

In a series of hilarious Instagram Reels, Raj shares his exact thoughts as he visited through some of Paris iconic landmarks, like the River Seine- which he thought was exactly like another iconic Texas body of water:

I've never been to Paris nor to San Antonio so I can't really comment and say if that is a good comparison, but I bet it is.

Raj also took the time to visit the Eiffel Tower and, again, Raj preferred the Texas version of it instead.

For those who are unaware, in Texas we have our very own Paris!

Paris, Texas, is known as “The Second Largest Paris in the World.” And it also comes complete with its very own Eiffel Tower replica; but this is Texas so it wouldn't be complete without a red ten-gallon hat!

Pete Alexopoulos via Unsplash
Pete Alexopoulos via Unsplash

All in all, I think Raj points out that if you really want a European vacation- you can totally have one here in Texas!

In Texas, you can travel from Paris to Moscow, to Vienna to London and then finish off your European trip in Dublin, Texas! All in under 24 hours- that's considering you just make one pit stop for a quick selfie- you can tour parts of Texas you probably didn't even know existed- I didn't even know we had a Moscow!

Who says you have to even leave the Lone Star state to get the European experience? I think Raj would agree with it! You can see more of Raj's hilarious takes here.

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