As a single woman in El Paso, Texas I can assure you that dating is hard! Okay, maybe the dating part is not hard, it's actually the whole "putting yourself out there" thing that's hard. These days you can get rejected through so many different apps and messengers that it could seem like the universe is against you. But then, I came across this site that seemed to confirm my dating is hard theory. Dating IS hard, at least it is in El Paso and other parts of Texas! (which is an apartment rental website) compiled a list of best areas for singles to meet ranking them from highest to lowest and across 5 key indicators: bars and restaurants, college degrees, internet use/access for dating apps, average rental prices, and, of course, singles in the area

Out of 382 U.S. metro areas, El Paso lands at 265. With 68% of singles in EP, the site reports at least 16% have a college degree or higher, has at least 22.2 bars and restaurants per capita, the city has 74% accessibility to dating apps, the site rated EP with an F.  Compare that to the number one rank which goes to Boulder, CO. Boulder has a high percentage of singles (80%) and an even higher percentage of people with college degrees (36%) the city is filled with eligible singles. Add to that a great bar scene– an incredible 31 establishments per capita, it's no wonder that singles have no trouble running into each other, that's why Boulder gets an A+.

El Paso wasn't the only Texas city that got a bad grade. Abilene ranks in at 267 with 69% of the population single, only 13% have a college degree and 74% have access to dating apps, Zumper gave them an "F" as well! Lubbock ranks in at 146, which is kind of better but they still got a C. Austin did a little better, coming in at number 93 and having a letter grade of a C. The highest Texas city on the list was College Station/ Bryan, Texas metro area. They ranked in at number 83 with a letter grade of a C+.

Next time you want to meet someone special, I guess you need to visit Boulder, Colorado!



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