Cats need jobs too. Unfortunately, one Texas cat is being fired for being a cat.

If you could picture a cat working a job, you would most likely picture some type of lazy job. For Browser the Library Cat, he was living the that dream job of sleeping around a library. Sadly, White Settlement City Council doesn't think the library is a place to keep a cat.

After 5 years of hard cat work, Browser has been fired.

Ron White, the Mayor of White Settlement supports Browser but doesn't have a vote in this battle due to being a nonvoting council moderator under the city charter." He believes that the City Council specifically targeted the cat after one council member couldn't bring their dog to work.

Outraged residents plan to bring up the issue two days before Browser's removal from White Settlement Public Library on July 12th at another City Council meeting. If they don't get the cats job back, then they will take the issue to a vote in November.