Typical high schools usually make students dissect some type of animal. In my High School, we had the option to dissect a frog, pig, or a cat. Of course as a cat lady, I couldn't stand the thought of cutting open a cat and ripping out it's intestines, like a Walking Dead scene.

Some teens in San Antonio didn't think ripping out a cats guts as gross. Instead they saw it as a way to have fun in the class. By fun, I mean using the cat's intestines as a jump rope.

At Winston Churchill High School, some students recorded themselves jumping rope with a dissected cat's intestine and posted it to Snapchat. School officials have confirmed that the incident did take place at their facility but will not discipline the student or teacher.

NEISD spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor defends the lesson as a teachable experience for students "The lesson was intended to demonstrate and explore the strength of the organ."

PETA is outraged over the actions in the video because they believe students dissecting animals is a way they are taught to be heartless and cruel to animals. They recommend schools to use software that reenact dissection, and keep the animals out of the classroom. While some schools have tried to use an animal-free dissection lesson, Chancellor said students didn't connect as well with software.