L & F Distributors founder, Joe LaMantia jr, was recently honored at the National Beer Wholesaler Association’s 80th annual convention.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association has awarded Joe LaMantia jr it's 2017  National Life Service Award.  He started L & F in 1978 with 20 employees and now has over 1200. In a press release, LaMantia's son Greg said:

“Our dad is a first-generation American whose father originated from Sicily and didn’t speak English very well.” “He represents the American dream. He started a business, grew it from 20 employees to more than 1300, with the expansion of L&F and Favorite Brands, and has been able to keep it a local, family-owned and operated for almost 40 years.”

Joe LaMantia jr contributes to a large number of non-profits and community organizations across Texas and also created the Stars Scholarship Fund which has awarded scholarships to over 14,000 students to the tune of over $30 million dollars!

Congratulations Joe, cento di questi giorni!!

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