By now, every Texan has seen that video of the bull running through a hailstorm in Dublin, Texas, right? If you haven't, well check it out below.

The video was originally shared by Greg Clayton, the owner of the bull you see running through the hailstorm. The video, of course, went viral, and many added their own commentary like: "here in Texas, we call that meat tenderizer".

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The hail that fell in Dublin that day was up to the size of golf balls and probably hurt as much as a golf ball. If you're like me, then you probably wondered to yourself "Oh, my god! Is that bull okay?"

I'm here to report that yes, the bull is okay! The bull's name is Drago and, according to his owner Clayton, Drago was able to find shelter underneath a pecan tree!

How cute is Drago?!

Clayton, who has only had Drago for a few years, assured us all that the hail didn't hurt Drago, or his other steer!

Their hide is probably 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. Then you've got a layer of fat. You have some muscle. So they're pretty resilient.

The hailstorm that hit Dublin that day was probably the biggest Clayton has ever seen. We get hail in El Paso, and sometimes as big as those from the video, they usually leave a mark on the cars but will it leave a mark on bulls? Luckily for Drago, no it won't leave a mark. Clayton says Drago is content simply grazing through the property and chilling under a pecan tree.

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